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Are you dreaming to have a beautiful, smart, educated, loving and understanding Russian wife? If yes, then we are glad to welcome you on our site for serious acquaintances with Russian women! All the women on our site are real, they are searching for serious relationships and for serious western men to get married with. With the wide choice of the women on the site you will find Your woman soon for sure!

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Development of relationships with a Russian woman

Development of any relationships is difficult and requires a lot of everyday work and attention, and development of long-distance relationships where people are divided by several thousand kilometers which can be a big hassle in their relationships is even more difficult. First of all, do not turn your relationships into too much virtual ones. Your partner should know that you are not just virtual hero hiding behind your letters, but that you are a real person with real life, hopes, wishes, voice, etc. Tell her about your everyday life, your plans. Do not write letters only. Make calls to hear her voice and talk to her, buy web-cam and chat with its help. Be real man for her.

Long years of correspondence without any meetings can kill any feelings. Meet with your Russian woman as soon and as often as possible. Correspondence is nice, but when woman sees that your relationships do not develop and move further she will start to be sad or annoyed and search for some other men who will see their future with her. Also do not be in hurry, let relationships develop in natural way. Many people delete their profiles from everywhere as soon as they start to have interest towards somebody and start to communicate with this person only. Of course, if you like this person you should communicate a lot with her, but you should know that she also appreciates it. If the woman likes to talk to some other people and wants to keep it – respect this wish.

    Our matchmaking services
    We do not introduce women to men personally and we do not arrange tours for men to meet the women, but we provide some matchmaking services to help western men to find their Russian dream. If you are tired of long time of searches of the woman of your dream then you can order our matchmaking service and we will make professional search of the women who correspond to your criteria and who match you psychologically. After that we send all the women from the list letter telling about you and after that we will make a new list of the women corresponding to your criteria and willing to communicate with you and provide this list to you. You can find more information on this service and order it in the section Matchmaking services in the bottom of your profile page.

    “I have not been contacted for some time”
    We have more than 100 000 women registered on our site. Everyday more than 10 000 women come on the site regularly and more than 50 000 letters are sent by our users. But even if some women come to the site everyday and they are very active on the site they do not receive any real letters, probably only winks and postcards. When you see inscription “I have not been contacted for some time” on profile of the woman it means that this woman did not receive any letters during more than 3 days. The inscription is automatic; women do not state it in their profiles by themselves. You can write a letter to such women – for sure they will be glad to receive letters from you and start correspondence with you.

How we work?

  • First of all you need to register at our site. Fill in all the necessary fields, answer the questions of your profile and upload your photos. You can put your photos to some photo contests, so you will not only know your rating, but get a new possibility to attract attention of women to your profile and photos.
  • We do not introduce women to men or arrange tours to meet women, you register on the site and communicate with the women that you like by yourself. If you have any questions regarding the work of the site or development of relationships with Russian women then write to support chat and our managers will do their best to answer you.
  • Just after registration you appear to be a Limited member, you are provided possibility of contacts with 30 women from Free gallery. To communicate with the women from Silver and Gold galleries you need to buy membership. Information on prices for the membership and its benefits you can find in the section Upgrade or Prices in the bottom of your profile page.
  • On our site you do not pay for every email address, contact, letter, etc. You pay just for the period of membership during which you can communicate with the women and ask for their contact data by yourself.
  • If you like some woman send her a letter. You can also send her winks and postcards to attract her attention. You can use one of two online translators on the site for translation of the letters for free. Also we provide option of professional translation of letters. Currently we provide professional translation of the letters from English to Russian and vice versa.

Photo contests – one more way to meet Russian women

When you upload your photos to your profile you can place them on photo contests – you will not only know your rating but also will receive one more possibility to meet beautiful Russian women. When you put 10 mark for some photo in photo contest the woman receives notification that you liked her photos, you receive the same notification when some woman puts 10 mark to your photo.

Online now!

On our personals site you can see status of the people regarding time of their last visit on the site (online now!, visited within one hour, within a day, etc). When you make search on the site on the first 100 pages of search results you can see the women who visit the site regularly - who are online now or visited the site within one day, you can write them and be sure to receive the answer soon.

Call her to make her surprise!

If you really like the woman and would like to continue communication with her then make her surprise – take her phone number and call her! If you cannot afford calling stationary or cell phone – then install some instant messenger (ICQ, MSN, Skype, etc) and call the woman with its help

Unlimited communication with Russian brides!

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